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All iPredator Inc.’s internet safety tools are designed for diagnostics, data collection, investigation and education. Authored by Dr. Nuccitelli and a close group of fellow associates, over the course of 10 months and several thousand hours, each tool targets a specific group of online aggressors and targeted victims. Given the rapid growth of online assailants and as surprising as it may seem, these tools still stand alone as the only comprehensive, extensive and multi-functional assessments in the nation.

Although consumers must agree to a non-replication and commercial distribution license agreement, iPredator Inc. will work with, at no cost, assisting consumers in developing their own products and services commercial tools. iPredator Inc. is receptive to professional and organizational affiliations for the purposes of marketing and selling the IPI and IISC tools.

Interested parties who contact iPredator Inc., speak with Dr. Nuccitelli or an iPredator Inc. associate and confirm tool usage will not serve nefarious or deceptive endeavors may have their purchase(s) significantly discounted. Discounts [25%-50%] are always guaranteed if the consumer is actively engaged in helping to stop the growth of cyber aggression, deception and harm.

Please note that the IPI and IISC Collections were painstaking designed, but have not been validated via research methodology. Despite not being clinically confirmed as reliable and valid, iPredator Inc. is confident our tools are very effective. If verification is sought to those seeking to purchase a set of tools, iPredator Inc. can arrange contact with national forensic and educational organizations to verify their effectiveness.

Given iPredator Inc. is comprised of professionals, academics, community advocates, proactive citizens and information security professionals and not “retail or e-commerce savvy”, all revenue generation strategies, investment suggestions and seed funding opportunities are welcomed. Feel free to review, download and disseminate iPredator Inc.’s Executive Summary, Business Plan and Seed Funding Proposal by scrolling to the base of this site’s Executive Summary page to download the PDF files. Suggestions and interested parties are requested to call [347] 871-2416 or email iPredator founder, Dr. Nuccitelli at


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Note: The iPredator Internet Safety Checklists (IISC) are available for purchase in both the full file version (IISC) and abridged version (IISC-ABR.) The full version checklists are the same tools, but also include a considerable amount of additional information and services for using the checklists for education, investigation, training and data collection. The abridged versions (IISC-ABR) have the entire tool for administration and correct scoring templates. Unlike the full version with scoring categories included, score comparison is reviewed here:

Internet Safety Checklists Abridged Page:


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A brief overview is provided below on iPredator Inc., iPredator construct, Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D. and the IPI & IISC Assessments. If you have any questions regarding iPredator Inc. products and services, please contact Dr. Nuccitelli directly at (347) 871-2416 or via email at

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iPredator Inc. is a NYS based Information Age Forensics company (#TF-2989198) founded in September 2011 to provide educational and advisory products & services to consumers and organizations on cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online sexual predation and the new field he is pioneering called Information Age Forensics.

Created by a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., their goal is to reduce victimization, theft and disparagement from online assailants. The central theme to all iPredator Inc. products and services is Dr. Nuccitelli’s theoretical construct, iPredator. To verify his construct is broadly accepted, feel free to click on the ACFEI national press release link here:

ACFEI Announces Commitment to Technological Predator Forensic Education 11/12/12:

In addition to assisting citizens, their mission is to initiate a national sustained educational & awareness campaign with the help of private, state and federal agencies. Dr. Nuccitelli’s criminal psychology & forensics blog can be viewed at and this website,, offers site visitors an enormous database on Cyber Criminal Psychology, Internet Safety and Information Age Predators.


Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. is a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant. He completed his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 1994 from the Adler School in Chicago, Illinois. In 1997, Dr. Nuccitelli became a licensed psychologist in New York State (License # 013009.) In 2006, he received the Certified Forensic Consultant designation from the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (Identification # 103110.) As author of the theoretical construct iPredator, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli is a cyberbullying, internet safety, cybercrime, online predator and forensic psychology educator & consultant.


iPredator: A child, adult, group or nation who, directly or indirectly, engages in exploitation, victimization, stalking, theft or disparagement of others using Information and Communications Technology. iPredators are driven by deviant fantasies, desires for power and control, retribution, religious fanaticism, political reprisal, psychiatric illness, perceptual distortions, peer acceptance or personal and financial gain. iPredators can be any age, either gender and not bound by economic status, race or national heritage.

iPredator is a global term used to distinguish anyone who engages in criminal, deviant or abusive behaviors using ICT. Whether the offender is a cyberbully, cyberstalker, cyber harasser, cyber criminal, online sexual predator, internet troll or cyber terrorist, they fall within the scope of iPredator. The three criteria used to define an iPredator include:

I. A self-awareness of causing harm to others, directly or indirectly, using ICT. II. The intermittent to frequent usage of ICT to obtain, exchange and deliver harmful information. III. A general understanding of Cyberstealth used to engage in criminal or deviant activities or to profile, identify, locate, stalk and engage a target.

Unlike human predators prior to the Information Age, iPredators rely on the multitude of benefits offered by ICT. These assistances include exchange of information over long distances, rapidity of information exchanged and the seemingly infinite access to data available. Malevolent in intent, iPredators rely on their capacity to deceive others using ICT in an abstract electronic universe.

Although it is assumed all humanity, has residing deep in their psyche, the potential & Dark Psychology for behaving in harmful and malevolent ways they rarely or never activate, ICT and cyberspace offers a direct connection and psychological route to the dark side. Just as ICT and cyberspace is incredibly pro-social and beneficial to humanity, these same technological advancements can lead humanity to diabolical and sinister endeavors.



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